Welcome to my blog.

First and foremost, for those who are interested, I suggest checking out xbdm's blog (https://blog.xbdm.fun), which both influenced me to start a blog and provided me with an invite link, so a big thanks to them. They have lots of interesting and detailed posts regarding securing your data and privacy, among some other topics. I recommend that you look him up if you value your privacy, want to learn something new, or both.

So, first and foremost, who am I? I'm a cyber-security and privacy enthusiast these days, and I also do some programming in my spare time. I'd like to share with you how you can stay anonymous online and prevent others from breaching your privacy for any longer than they already have, as well as other topics. In the meantime, until I decide whether or not I want my blogs to be categorized, my content will be varied.

In further depth, my postings will be centered on privacy, programming, and some cyber-security, as well as potentially some news on these topics. On top of that, I will be sharing other things that I think are interesting enough to put on here. There aren't a lot of ways to contact me right now, but don't worry! I'll either write a quick blog on how to accomplish it or provide instructions in my next blog.

Thank you for your time.