“DrupalCon, Inc. (the “Corporation”) is a Washington, D.C., nonprofit, public benefit corporation, and it has no members. From time to time, the Corporation's Board of Directors (the “Board” or “Board of Directors”) may establish by resolution one or more classes of nonvoting affiliates or support groups on such terms and conditions as the Directors in their discretion deem advisable.”

When an individual signs up for a membership, what status are they within the organisation?

“At-Large Directors​. At-Large Directors shall reflect and represent the Drupal community at large. There shall be two At-Large Directors, who arc elected by the community and ratified by the rest of the Board to serve staggered two-year terms.”

Will this be changed? Why was this not changed at the time (as several parts of drupal.org have been)?

“We do not wish to create a barrier to participation in activities such as board elections. Therefore, if something makes it not currently possible to obtain a Drupal Association membership, please contact us and we can help.”

Whilst the previous rules did create a barrier to participating for newer members of the community, do you think this creates a different kind of barrier and why? What affect will this have on under represented groups? There has already been a public example of a woman e-mailing to request a membership and being told to purchase one in response.