[ copied & reformatted, but generally not corrected, from https://www.freedomarchives.org/Documents/Finder/DOC513_scans/NAPO/513.NAPO.NewAfrikanDec.pdf - pages 10-13 ] PRINCIPLES & PROGRAMME OF ACTION OF THE NEW AFRIKAN PEOPLE'S ORGANIZATION What We Believe 1. We believe that Afrikan people born in north america, descendants of slaves, form a New Afrikan Nation in North America. The New Afrikan Nation was formed through the merging of many Afrikan nations. It has developed a unique historical, cultural and socio-economic experience in North America. 2. We believe that the New Afrikan nation is an internal colony, subjugated by the American Empire. The American Empire controls the political, economic and cultural development of the New Afrikan Nation. 3. We believe that due to the colonialism of the American empire, We are denied basic human rights outlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. These human rights include the rights of employment, the right to food, clothing, shelter and health care, the right to security from criminal violence, and our political beliefs. First and foremost, We believe We, the New Afrikan Nation and all other oppressed Nations, have a right to Self-Determination. We have the right to determine our political destiny and to form a sovereign independent, Nation State, the Republic of New Afrika. 4. We believe that the American Empire is guilty of genocide against our people through its role and participation through its role and participation in the criminal slave trade, the atrocities and lynchings, assassinations of our leaders, psychological terrorism and the creation of “conditions of life calculated to bring about the destruction of the group in whole or in part.” 5. We believe that due to the conditions of life and atrocities caused by racism, colonialism, and genocide, New Afrikans have the right to defend themselves and end our oppression By Any Means Necessary! 6. We believe that, like all peoples and Nations fighting oppression, New Afrikans have the moral right to utilize armed struggle to defeat the colonialist system of oppression and win National Liberation. 7. We believe that in order for the New Afrikan Nation in North America to achieve total human rights and Seld-Determination it must wage a National Liberation struggle to win Land and Independence. Only through establishing a sovereign Republic of New Afrika can We achieve State power which will ensure our dignity, survival and development. 8. We believe the land where our people developed a unique culture and National identity, the land We developed first as slaves and then as sharecroppers, the land We fought Nightriders or the Klu Klux Klan or the U.S. Government on after the American Civil War, is land that belongs to us as a people. This land, the Southeastern portion of the American Empire, primarily the States of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina, is our New Afrikan territory. 9. We believe the American Empire, its government and institutions, owes the New Afrikan people reparations for the atrocities and damages suffered by our people due to slavery, colonialism, and genocide. Under International Law, We are entitled to repayment for the loss of life, forced labor and economic exploitation, psychological trama, and many other atrocities that have retarded our national development. The american empire has benefitted from this exploitation and oppression and must compensate our Nation for these damages and crimes. 10. We believe the American Empire and U.S. Imperialism not only oppresses and exploits our Nation, New Afrika, but exploits peoples and Nations within its borders: Hawaii, Northern Mexico (California, Texas, Colorada, Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico), Native American Indian Nations, Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. Around the world U.S. Imperialism is the main opponent to liberation and social justice. Therefore, we are united with all struggles against colonialism, exploitation and imperialism worldwide. 11. We believe that our Nation and the masses of people worldwide have suffered from the capitalist mode of development inside the American Empire and around the world. Threrfore, We support the struggles of working people to overthrow capitalist domination and establish their own socialist economy and development. As pro-socislists, We advocate the establishment of a socialist Republic of New Afrika. 12. We believe that all New Afrikan men and women engaging in armed struggle against the American Empire and the establishment of our Nation are our Freedom Fighters and must be supported. We believe any captured combataNT OF OUR Nation is entitled to Prisoner-of-War status under International Law. What We Call For 1. We call for the active resistance of our people to U.S. Imperialism and for full realization of our people's right to Self-Determination. 2. We call for the building and waging of a National Liberation Struggle for the establishment of an anti-sexist, independent socialist New Afrikan Republic, as an essential part of the achievement of New Afrikan Self-Determination in america. 3. We call for the establishment of an independent Republic of New Afrika in the teritory now known as the states of South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana and on any neighboring Black Belt land our Nation needs and to which it is entitled, subject to and in solidarity with the just claims asserted by Native American Indian Nations for Sovereignty over land in the New Afrikan Black Belt area. 4. We call for the eradication of sexist oppression, which limits women from reaching their fullest potential. We actively oppose all forms of sexism as manifested in our cultural, economic, political and social institutions, practices and beliefs. 5. We call for the opposition to the human rights violations and genocidal conditions faced by our people everyday. 6. We call for organized opposition to colonial institutions which deny our people the ability to control and create a better life. 7. We call for the organization of New Afrikan people's institutions to build Centers of Self-Determination and resistance to colonialism and genocide. New Afrikan people's institutions should concern themselves with building our people's consciousness and sense of self-reliance through serving our basic needs for food, clothing, shelter, health care and education. 8. We call for the active organization of our people to defend themselves from white supremacist violence. Self-defense is the basis of our Nation's survival. 9. We call for support for New Afrikan Freedom Fighters engaged in armed struggle for National Liberation. Armed struggle is the basis of our Liberation. 10. We call for support of our captured Freedom Fighters. We must struggle for their recognition as Prisoners of War and fight for their release. 11. We call for non-collaboration as a fundamental principle of our Independence movement. This includes those forces in solidarity with us. We cannot betray our principles/movement by giving information to any agency or representative of white supremacy and U.S. Imperialism (FBI, CIA, grand juries, courts, etc.). 12. We call for the waging of cultural revolution to combat the decadent and individualist culture of Western Capitalism and u.s. Imperialism. As a New Afrikan Nation suffering from colonialism and cultural imperialism, We must recapture the control of our minds by redefining and reinforcing cultural and spiritual institutions and values which will enable our people to assert our human dignity and determine our collective destiny. 13. We call for united action of Afrikan people worldwide to fight against racism, colonialism, and imperialism. As Pan-Afrikanists, We see the struggle of Afrikan people as one struggle. We must build unity with the struggle of our Brothers and Sisters on the Afrikan homeland, in the Caribbean, and throughout the Diaspora. 14. We call for active resistance to the imperialist and militarist foreign policy of the American Empire. We see National Liberation and Anti-Imperialist forces around the world as allies and We pledge solidarity in the struggle against our common enemy. 15. We call for a front of all patriotic forces committed to the National liberation of New Afrika. A New Afrikan Liberation Front will come into being through consolidated struggle of New Afrikan activists and Freedom Fighters to achieve political unity and organizational predictability. This force will be able to lead our people to victory through a protracted struggle for Land, Independence and Socialism. 16. We call for a unification movement of all sectors of the masses of the New Afrikan Nation to fight our common oppression and for our survival and National Liberation. In spite of our religious and ideological differences, the New Afrikan masses must realize that through unity We can all progress together.