Resetting the Heart

Any complex organism, or machine for that matter, requires a period of rest. The rest is a way to reset the build-up of system stressors that result from incoming information overload and physical energy loss or entropy. The heart accumulates these stressors from the perceptual lens of the mind and body throughout the waking period. These stressors add density to the heart region, which, like fog, can obscure the heart's vision of understanding, and thus, its expression of compassion — that most cherished of all qualities.

The heart is a processing center of the mind-body. It absorbs the stressors and densities of human emotion, but over time, it needs to reset itself. It needs to reclaim its clarity, coherence and compassion. The heart both accumulates and stores energies, and it also transmits them through an electromagnetic field that is not bound by linear spacetime.

The best technique to reset the heart is to allow neutrality to flow in all spaces of your presence. 

This is how you do it.

Close your eyes. Take a few deep, centering breaths and as you breathe imagine that the space that cradles your heart becomes active. You can feel warmth in that region. You can place your hands over your heart. However you are led, feel this warmth as a cleansing energy, and hold it for as long as you can, even if only for a moment in time. If you can, give this warmth the color of a vibrant green — the kind you see in deep, primeval forests.

Now, as you feel this green, warm energy, allow it to drift upwards into your head, and then open your eyes and see the world through your heart. See it as if your were looking with your heart and not merely your eye-brain system. This is the reset. This is how you know when you have been successful, for you will see the exterior of your world as though is were a mirror of compassion.