Review Post: AMSEC Depository Safe with Biometric Option

If you are looking for a heavy-duty, rugged, “no one is walking off with me” kind of safe, we at Best Biometric Gun Safe suggest you look at the AMSEC (American Security) Depository Safe. This solid 190 to 310 pound (depending on your choice of size) hunk of protection has plenty of room to store all your handguns and valuables.

This safe is made of ½” thick solid steel plate with formed body and jamb for maximum protection. It has a 3-way locking mechanism using five 1” chrome-plated locking bolts with a bolt catch that automatically engages the boltwork. The lock is protected by a carburized hardplate with auxiliary spring loaded relocker.

The door is a heavy ¼” steel door with a Medeco high-security camlock and a large clear door opening. Designed as a depository, this heavy piggy bank, has a large “fish”-resistant, pull-out drop drawer that accepts filled envelopes.

Resource: https://www.sweethomeview.com/best-biometric-safes/