2024 Resolutions - Daily Check-ins

I started using Duolingo last month to learn Japanese. I realized my daily Duolingo check-ins weren't really enough for me to become fluent, but I really liked how the app gamified my learning into a habit. I added a check-in addendum: I also had to write daily. And now, it has been a week since 2024 resolutions, and I'm mighty proud of my Japanese check-ins. With flash cards and writing and Duolingo, I saw rapid growth in my familiarity with words. I added more check-in addendums. Here's a [site map ](https://www.bwang.io/) of everything I want to have check-ins for. * [kaku](https://kaku.bwang.io/) is for my Japanese dailies * [cache](https://cache.bwang.io/) is for something I'm currently reviewing or looking at, perhaps algo trading or system design, etc * [solve](https://solve.bwang.io/) is for my coding dailies * [books](https://books.bwang.io/) for book notes and reviews * At some point, I probably also want to add the blog to write.as And so, we will see how this goes. I want to set myself up to be as prolific as I can. Don't expect great posts every single day intended for audiences larger than myself. Just something to take me on this journey that the little green owl (Duolingo) has started. Because everything was made hastily--as I'm still working out the kinks, how to streamline/flow state, how to spend my time, etc.--you may realize that everything is not perfect yet. I am slowly migrating everything to write.as (as it's the cheapest option that includes multiple blogs + custom domain). Write.as also has a ghost integration. Lastly, a reflection on self-improvement. There is truth to both the utilitarian adage of "to be is to do" and the Kantian "to do is to be". We do what we do because of our values and essence. And we are who we are because of how we have decided to chisel ourselves through our actions. With that being said, to a good 2024!