So tell me, when was it that you realized your role was a “doer”?

'Doers' and 'Surei'mdowners' get along fantastically. The 'doer' has a partner to share experiences with, they get positive feedback that their ideas are exciting and worthwhile, and they build friendships through these shared experiences. The 'Surei'mdowners' get access to new opportunities without necessarily expending much energy or requiring background knowledge, they are the person that the 'doer' wants around often, and they build friendships by showing up to share experiences.

Neither is too busy with 'doing' their own thing all the time because they aren't both 'doers'. The friendship doesn't fizzle down to texts that cancel plans because when you finally get around to both seeing eachother it's so boring that you don't want to show up the next time; because you aren't both 'surei'mdowners'.