Window Tinting - How to Make More Money Tinting Car Windows Here are 3 tips that will help anyone who wants to start a successful window tinting business. TIP 1: To increase your level of income in window tinting you need to be willing to risk going out on your own. Rather than having your skills at the service of an auto-body shop that dictates your hourly wage, why not try to tint windows on your off hours and keep the entire service charge for yourself? If you currently work with a local mechanic or in an auto customization service center, don't quit your day job just yet! Your employment offers you steady work as you try to venture out on your own. Consider your venture a safe experiment. Try to take on a couple of jobs during your non-work hours such as weekends or after work. TIP 2: You already have the skill, and you might already have a client base! Ask family members, friends, or even friends of friends if you can tint their car windows. Offer a lower rate than what they will find at a service shop. Let them know of your day job so they are assured of your skill, experience and expertise. Then try to get more work through referrals. This is when the next step of your "safe experiment" begins. You must learn how to market and promote yourself. As you gain a few satisfied customers among family and friends, ask them if they would be willing to spread the word about your available tinting services. TIP 3: As you develop a personal client space by doing evening and weekend work, let people know how you are able to offer a tinting rate that is lower than most commercial shops. You have no employees except for yourself, you may not have to worry about commercial lease prices, and your liability is lower. What you want to do is keep your prices lower than the competition, keep your service excellent and ensure that your strategic marketing enables people to find out about you. All of this is the key toward becoming successfully self-employed in the window tinting industry. [Window Tint Philadelphia](https://selectautoglassplus.com/)