Outlandish things are going on inside the psychedelic experience.  It seems to imply the thing that we hardly dared hope, which is, the world is whatever you say it is if you know how to say it right.  Then the whole task becomes, how do we take control of this language that allows us to say it right?  I think I speak for most people here what I say we serve the idea that matter is ultimately at the command of mind.  We need to move that forward as a demonstrable principle because without that, the fear of most people, is that we’re imprisoned by physics in a sinking submarine.  Yet, when you go into these psychedelic spaces, what you discover is that all bets are off.  That we can’t even tell how weird it is. 

It may be possible to walk to Arcturus if you have the right set of coordinates. 

The whole concern is to get the word out, to spread this meme to empower people to confirm the existence of these realities for themselves and to begin to form a kind of community consensus about it.