Table of Contents

by Darius Kazemi

In 2019 I'm reading one RFC a day in chronological order starting from the very first one. More on this project here.

Introduction RFC-1: Setting the stage RFC-2: A mystery, so soon?? RFC-3: Buckle up, it's about to get meta RFC-4: Planning the project RFC-5: DEL – the rich application layer that never was RFC-6: Syncing with BB&N RFC-7: Too long; didn't read RFC-8: An attempt at synthesis RFC-9: Host software, take 3 RFC-10: Shuffling the deck RFC-11: GORDO and the IMP RFC-12: Flowcharts RFC-13: End of file RFC-14: Miss Zarves RFC-15: Proposing TELNET RFC-16: M.I.T. RFC-17: Like email but slower RFC-18: Reducing congestion RFC-19: Some suggestions RFC-20: ASCII RFC-21: Meeting minutes RFC-22: Revisions RFC-23: Multiple messages Update: scans of early RFCs RFC-24: Adding MITRE RFC-25: Link hygiene RFC-26: No RFC RFC-27: Adding Raytheon RFC-28: Time might be useful RFC-29: Milliseconds RFC-30: Adding Stanford and Carnegie Mellon RFC-31: Down with long boxes RFC-32: Crystals RFC-33: New concepts for the network RFC-34: Absolute and relative time RFC-35: Save the date RFC-36: Updates to the protocol RFC-37: Meeting notes RFC-38: Multiplexing RFC-39: Error and status RFC-40: Detailed errors and statuses RFC-41: Please provide timestamps RFC-42: A proposal for typed messages RFC-43: A meeting at Lincoln Laboratory RFC-44: A word from SDC RFC-45: See you in Atlantic City RFC-46: A power move RFC-47: Potential embarrassment RFC-48: Plateaus RFC-49: Levels RFC-50: Converging on a protocol RFC-51: NIL RFC-52: More universities RFC-53: Making things official RFC-54: A proffering RFC-55: Squishy amoebas RFC-56: A bit of a hit-and-run RFC-57: Edge cases RFC-58: A big box of paper RFC-59: The case for perfect RFC-60: A simpler NCP RFC-61: Another shot at interprocess communication RFC-62: A revision of another shot at interprocess communication RFC-63: Belated RFC-64: Marking considered harmful RFC-65: More marking RFC-66: Levels RFC-67: Wildly enthusiastic RFC-68: Acknowledging ACK RFC-68: Please unsubscribe