Happy Boyfriend Day. https://open.spotify.com/track/3Dkvp3L4w0uJFYfIPa8E9H?si=f0647f4c4157410b bacanya sambil dengerin ini dong biar lebih seru >.< okay let's start it! i wrote this letter to the boy who's reading this rn. yes, you. an amazing human being in this world. i just wanna say "happy boyfriend day". thank you for being born into this world. thank you for making so many people feel happy and comfortable around you. every part of you means a lot to me. your laugh, personality, charm, everything. i like everything about you. i hope you're doing great there. keep going okay? i know it's hard sometimes but i believe you can get through it. look, kamu udah melalui banyak rintangan and i'm so so so proud of you! don't forget to take care of yourself ya? jangan lupa makan, minum air putih yang banyak, mandi, istirahat yang cukup, and DON'T OVERDO YOURSELF :( actually i don't know what else to say cause ugh sebenernya banyak tapi gabisa ngungkapin nya. just know you're so precious to someone. trust me, there must someone who secretly admires you. cause look ga mungkin manusia selucu segemes sebaik setulus kamu gaada yang suka. kkkk yea i bet you're smiling while reading this right? AHAHAHAH how cute okay have a great day stoopid. happy weekend & enjoy ur day. thank you udah mau baca ini sampe abis, be happy <3 with love, lovklappertaart.