Feel free to use this email to formulate your next mediocre barely readable retort


I dare say it might be the most interesting thing on your blog, though you do again, have yours truly to thank for that one.

Thank you, very much appreciated.

At least you're capable of recognising that you're an asshole that engages in pointless arguments. That is definitely one very obvious difference between us, because I write for purpose and I don't argue, and certainly wouldn't be caught dead doing so just for 'the fuck of it' as you seem to be fond of doing.

I never thought of it like that.

You're really quite fragile


You write badly formatted crap post-teen crap


Your posts aren't what I think anyone considers 'an enjoyable read'

Never claimed they were, to be fair to me here.

Until you have this many views on one of your posts (see attachment). The most 'read/established blog', that crown is also mine, especially seeing as 4,000 of those views were made within 3 days. You'll have to try a LOT harder though and quite frankly, I don't think it's possible with the content and style of writing you have.

I never knew such crown existed but it is undoubtedly yours.

You're lucky I don't have half a mind to come back and publicly ridicule you for the cheap hack you are. Well anyone with half a brain will realise after wasting time reading just one of your posts that there's nothing worth commenting on at all.

I am counting my lucky stars tonight.

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