Borrowed and Twisted

the corridors of my life

I feel like I've forgotten something like something from inside I feel like a man in the morning but just like a woman at night.

I don't realise it's all just nothing, tell me if that's the coldest lie I think I believed in something and I never even questioned why.

I feel like I've forgotten something and that I've been left behind like I'm running, running from it all the while running out of time.

It's something I need quite badly It's something I need right now I'll never have enough in a lifetime Can I have it all, and all now?

This is the story of Micheal the loneliest boy in the town ugly and weak they called him a freak so he lived on his own underground he lived on his own underground he lived on his own underground...

Me, arriving at work at 9.01:

And, yeah, I'm sorry I was late but I missed the train and then the traffic was a state and I can't be arsed to carry on in this debate that reoccurs

My boss:


I was made alone and I take my natural road from the pull of the rock from the weight of the sky

we're at points on the tracks we ride I think about mine just staying back

And I find myself Banging my head on a wall And I ask myself What is that beautiful wall?

And I find myself In the same part of the world And I find myself Letting the days go by And I ask myself How did I get here? And I ask myself

How do I work this? And I ask myself Where does that trainline go to? And I ask myself Am I right? Am I wrong? And I say to myself “My God! What have I done?”

Same as it, ever was Look where my hand was Time isn't holding up Time isn't after us

When you naked so shiver in drizzle look at clothes by your feet and think “oh, yes. Warm.” then eat them by mistake.

When you dream be dream but only of a gloomy lobtoast I'm sad, and unhappy

When you park so wrong ee headlights smash bumper breaky shuttle bang bang bang like fucking pinball...

And when your west no longer be west of your east but above it and mock you like Bad Candle Jack ho har, you dim muddlebum your north and south be be altogether gone or loony.

Then oo welcome ah, oo mug welcome in Blue Jam

i was picking up a suit from the dry cleaners which is standard for me, thursday, twelve-thirty i got a pretty solid routine these days i don't know, it just works for me anyway, i was leaving, i was getting in my car and I went to adjust the rear-view mirror but in its reflection, just for a second I saw a figure, started to trigger memories flooded back, stopped me in my tracks who was that?

it was a parking officer i was parked illegally he said get out of the vehicle, sir i said no, i'm not in a vehicle he said, that's true we both laughed at that he had other things to be doing he had to go so did i so i did as did he

so i go about my day as normal but i can't seem to pass it off as just a random event it consumes me i thought i was moving on, but i guess i was just switching off and now i see my life as the banal slog it instantly became and i don't know if i can go on the same But i don't wanna dig up old bones


Keep on running

I don't think you know who I am I'm the turgid fucked up little goat Pissing on your fucking hill And you can't shit me out 'Cos you can't catch me I'm making you think that you doubt Everything you love

I don't think you know who I am I'm king of the migraines Soiled lord of tears I'm the urban goose I'm the glassy dude I'm the sausage man, the shadow licker I'm the tiny little ghost That features in your despondent moments

From this time, unchained We're all looking at a different picture Through this new frame of mind A thousand flowers could bloom Move over, and give us some room

For this is the beginning Of forever And ever and ever and ever And ever