King of my Grains

borrowed and twisted

Going out into the world and having a bloody great time. That is my name. Have you read In Watermelon Sugar by Richard Brautigan? I have, three times. I did because I liked it.

The smug in your voice makes me vomit. I'm feeling thirsty because the drinks you made were nothing.

One step forward and two steps more. Wait a minute while I tell myself I'm not just a whore. Wait a minute while I never stop to tell myself.

Look at all the horny people.

Father McKenzie wiping the dirty from his hands as he walks from the grave

All the horny people Where do they all come from?

I cheated myself Just like I knew I would I treated myself Just like I knew I would

I'm thinking of you in the final throes Meet you downstairs hand me your Stella and fly

I see my heart, in a hole

It's over, I'm older and the future, I'll hold her. Some time has gone away. I never chased it or turned to face it. Let me learn to embrace it.

I see a cold blue lagoon. There, I can sleep until noon, or swim under the moon. There, your moves can blow chill wind through my lungs, my home. Share my skin, shed my layers.

I see mountains, behind, not where I should go. I see signposts ahead, to where I could flow. Show me a path to walk, not how it could have been. Play the future because a new day is coming around.

A fire is coming, but I'll outrun it. I'll believe I've won it, or done it. Find me in foreign seas, away from things I want to leave.

Saturday Having placed in my mouth sufficient bread for three minutes' chewing, I withdrew my powers of sensual perception and retired into the privacy of my mind, my eyes and face assuming a vacant and preoccupied expression.

A Peculiar Man There was nothing unusual in the appearance of Mr. John Furriskey but actually he had one distinction that is rarely encountered—he was born at the age of twenty-five and entered the world with a memory but without a personal experience to account for it.

When Brushing Mouth Stones If a man stands before a mirror and sees in it his reflection, what he sees is not a true reproduction of himself but a picture of himself when he was a younger man

My Mantra I discovered that everything you do is in response to a request or a suggestion made to you by some other party either inside you or outside

It may well be that the very attraction immaturity has for me, lies in the security of a situation where infinite perfections fill the gap between the little given and the great promised – the great rosegray never to be had. Now I'm crying 'cause I know I can't kiss you. Talk to me, Look at me, give me a wink if you want me to faint.

People found me funny Now I’m just a joke Some think I'm gay ‘Cause I don't act the bloke But I've had sex with women More than I deserve It’s not in my face And it's not in my words

Eldest of four Not much of a speaker But get me on the floor I'm an attention seeker Yeah I've got my friends More than I deserve But when I'm by myself I get on my nerves

Come and see me and you'll never be lonely: I could be your new best friend

Hold it! Slow down! I'm starting to feel like a real outsider here

You are. I don't want to insult you.

No no, go ahead. Insult me.

All movement in the universe is caused by tension between positive and negative furies. So when the furies are out of balance, the the people turn into demons and live forever.

This is just so shocking. I mean I must just be so monumentally naive.

You are.

Years ago I promised myself a long vacation. It's time to collect.