Understanding Competition and Prediction of Symbiosis Symbiosis is Symbiosis comes from the Greek sym which means "with" and biosis which means "life". So, symbiosis means "living together". Symbiosis is a term to indicate the interaction between two organisms that coexist. There are several types of symbiosis, namely Symbiosis Mutualism, Komensalism Symbiosis, Amensalism Symbiosis, and Symbiosis Parasitism : Symbiosis Mutualism : Symbiosis mutualism is the interaction between two organisms that are mutually beneficial. This symbiosis is also called obligate symbiosis. For example the interaction between insects and flowering plants. Insects help plants in pollination. The plants provide nectar contained in flowers for insects as a food Other Articles : Symbiosis Commensalism Komensalism symbiosis is an interaction between two organisms that benefits one party, but does not harm the other party. An example of commensalism symbiosis is the relationship between sharks and remora fish : Remora fish that attach themselves to the body of a shark using a sucker (attachment) to be safe and avoid the threat of predators. He also gets leftovers from the shark's mouth. The shark is not affected by the remora fish. Sharks are not harmed or disadvantaged. Symbiosis of Amensalism and Antagonism Symbiosis amensalism and antagonism are interactions between two organisms that harm one party, while the other party is not affected or can also benefit. This symbiosis is a way to protect yourself from the threat of other organisms or populations. For example by producing acid compounds, poisons, or antibiotics. Source : https://www.murid.co.id/kompetisi-dan-predasi-simbiosis/