A small hiccup

📝 Saturday, September 25th, 2021

Hey everyone,

Just a little check-in with you this Saturday.

So, I had been hoping to release The Indie Author this week.

I’d spent this week finishing getting everything today, before I hit a little roadblock when it came to the formatting and releasing the final version in a form which, I felt, did the book and the featured authors justice. (aka... it wasn't quite as polished as I wanted it to look)

I’m hoping to iron these out and release the book real soon. I’m still intending to do a pre-release, with the book available at a discount, before a general one.

In the meantime, I recently started a casual podcast with a fellow creator, Sasa. In our latest conversation, we talked about the important balance of ‘online marketing’ and ‘in-person connections’ for us.

You can listen to our conversation on Spotify and other platforms, via: https://anchor.fm/indies.

Have a great weekend,