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i have used anadrol at 100mg/ED for 25 days ..wth test e at 500mg/week(it was very underdosed:() and i gained appx 5-7 lbs of lean muscle from just anadrol only,since then it has a special place in my heart.Now i wanna try anadrol at 150mg/ED for 4 weeks ..Please comment:drooling: Week Testosterone Cypionate Parabolan Anadrol Arimidex; 1: 600mg/wk: 200mg/wk: 50mg/ed: .5mg/eod: 2: 600mg/wk: 200mg/wk: 50mg/ed: .5mg/eod: 3: 600mg/wk: 200mg/wk ... Dreamy clear skin is not a dream anymore! This Valentines Day, cherish these love filled moments and pamper yourself with a special offer from Rejuvenate Clinic. Avail phenomenal 45 days program at 50% Discount. Lean Muscle Stack: Anavar at 40mg/ED, Test-Prop at 200mg/week and Tren Enanthate at 200mg/week. Body Recomp stack: Anavar at 40mg/ED, Test-Cyp at 200mg/week, Proviron at 50mg/day, Tren Acetate at 300mg/week. Beginner Stack: Anavar at 50mg/ED, Test-Cyp at 200mg/week. Nolva at 50mg/ED for 2-weeks post cycle. Received anadrol yesterday took 50mg in the morning , all night my libido was sky high lol and today it's the same I haven't had this high libido in a very long time possible for anadrol to work this fast lol? ... I take 200mg on the day of a strength meet and it immediately ramps my strength through the roof. ... its the only med ive had to ... diainternacionaldelamujermedico mujermedico colegiomedicodelperu cmp med medstudent medicine medicina doctor doctorlife medlove medlover urologylover urology uro pinkdoctor lovejesus medinspiration medfan this post 1) anadrol is not very toxic, this is overhype for a very long time. we take 200mg ed with no issue. some of us take 400mg ed for periods of time without much issue... stop drinking alcohol and eating pain killers. 25mg ed is not a real dose. 100mg ed is good for drol. If you are concerned run tudca... fashion clothing streetwear style clothingbrand brand design tshirts clothes ootd clothingline playtoscore safashion sanantoniofashion sanantonio texas photooftheday visualcreators visualsgang playtoscore fitness health�fashion fitnessclothing workout women gymwear fitoftheday bdsa I have taken 200mg ED for 6 weeks leading up to a national power lifting event. I trained with some of the strongest men in country and 200-300mg ED is not uncommon for extended periods. I have heard about power lifters taking much more than this, but i haven't met anyone willing to admit it. medicina salud o a covid medicine medico covid fisioterapia enfermedad medicos hospital doctor pulmon coronavirus enem sa farmacia m med de health venezuela respiratorio clinica estetica ortopedia pediatria Anadrol-50mg or 100mg ED? ok guys-for thos of you who do not know-I started a cycle back on november 15th. I went from 218 to 250.....ive been sitting at this weight for the past 5-6weeks. ive been eating like a horse-changed my routine-even took 4 days off. My lifts havent moved since i stopped gaining weight and im just not ready to come off yet. More Ghee! Small sizes available for $5, local homemade sacred nectar goodness!!! For those of you who have been inquiring, Ghee is clarified butter, which is basically a more purified version of butter itself. The process of making Ghee includes removing the milk solids, which actually reduces the lactose content for those who have trouble digesting dairy. It it tridoshic medicine, and has various uses to suit the needs of the body – truly supportive and adaptable to your needs! click here now