The Sims Mobile Money and Simoleons Help for Begineers

There is no “mood” in The Sims Mobile unlike the PC game, so statistics do not have the same negative effect on your character.

The only thing to keep under control is energy . This is recharged by itself slowly, or we can speed up the process by sleeping (+10) using the WC (+2) taking a shower (+5) or taking a bath (+15). Another way to speed up energy recovery is to eat a cupcake that will immediately restore +30 energy points. Think of the energy in The Sims Mobile as another currency. If something requires 2 energy points, you can not do the action without the points.

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The Sims Mobile – Character

Complete your goals In the lower left part of the game screen there are 2 important keys. There are the menu Missions and the list of menu things to do . These are simple tasks based on goals that can include anything from socializing with other Sims to changing clothes to improve our home. Completing the objectives and the missions will give us rewards in experience points, money and tickets.

Long-term missions The Missions are long-term objectives, for which much, you will not worry we'll have to complete automatically, as we progress in the game. The missions can be:

Build a new room for your home Complete a collection of furniture for your home Decorate the garden Married, try to have a child, etc. Complete a 100% working career Complete a 100% hobby Complete a 100% relationship So, as you can see, they are all goals that you will complete little by little.

Things to do every day The To-Do List , on the contrary, requires your utmost attention every day !

You will find simple tasks to complete within the day. If you do so, you will be rewarded with Experience Points and other prizes. These are all things to do that are repeated day after day:

Complete a relationship or family event get the guide : http://mobilelegendsdiamondshelp.page.tl/The-sims-mobile-Cheats.htm Complete a hobby event Complete a career event Complete 5 events Change the appearance of your Sim Spend 50 Simoleons for your home Unlock new objects or memorabilia From the 3 figurines to the other Sims