Silence. A calm, silent night before a thunderstorm. And here I am, writing my first post on write.as, the platform I've chosen for the rest of my days on this Earth.

Why? To write words. Words of power. If they stay anymore with me, they'll explode. So, I have to write them down.

Why not social media or bigger platforms like Wordpress? Fact. Facebook is not for writing. It's all pictures, emojis and reactions now-a-days. Plus I hate audience and comments. Twitter, Google+ and tumblr are like aliens to me. As for the Wordpress, I've been busy CUSTOMIZING my blog from the time I created one and haven't written any post. They are more concerned about how you present your content. I think I'll delete that mistaken account in a day or two.

When I discovered read.write.as, it was like reading a good book! A blank white page, with simple black text. No ads, no widgets, no arguing, no emojis and no competition for the maximum number of likes or followers. As I'm writing this post, I can feel the power of my words being transferred from my mind to a real page and it is literally helping my brain to calm down.

From now on, I will share what I think I need to. Anyone reading this, keep visiting this Wasteland to get the Words of Power about logical reasoning, science, futurism, realism and more. If no one is reading this, oh it's Christmas for me!