The Blind Men and The Animal Interface Alternate Ending

A final blind man came up to the beast after all was said and done and looked the elephant right in the eye. He paused for a moment and stated “Hello. I can't see you and I would like to find out what you are like and what that entails. What is it like to be you? What do you see?”.

The elephant slowly sat down and pondered, before emitting a series of trunk noises, that when analyzed with a spectrograph, was a valid sed expression running over his question. Parsing it with his phone gave him the response: “Dude, this is pretty gnarly. I get carted around in here and now there's people groping me and someone using this as some kind of meta-post describing the entire class of problems without mentioning any of it. I don't know what's going on. I'm scared. Help me.”

He starts to hug the elephant and cries with it. Their tears mixing with the subconscious ether as the barriers between what is and is not started to fade away to were they should have been.

It was, is, and will be perfect.