Do not you get a fixed position? Learn about the benefits of temporary work

Temporary hiring is an opportunity for companies, since it provides them with a customized solution, without the need to authorize increases in personnel or generate employment contracts. Given the context, candidates are more flexible to take this type of work commitments, because it allows them to remain active in the market and continue gaining experience in new areas, areas and systems of work. According to data from Robert Half , temporary or temporary services are a real option to reach the professionals needed by companies or for them to continue developing their careers. In the case of temporary hiring, the evaluation criteria are simpler and more direct. The employer focuses mainly on the ability of the professional to solve the specific problem and for which he was hired, in his work performance associated with that objective and in compliance with the company's labor regulations. This is where the employee must be smart and define his strategy.

Is it possible to grow within the company with a temporary contract?

The analysts assure that, through a temporary contract, it is possible for the professional to stay in the company. Therefore, it must be able to demonstrate its value within a short period of time so that the company ends up deciding to hire it permanently. In this sense, it is recommended: Act in an integral way. To show oneself, without trying to pretend something that is not. Comply with the standards designated by the firm. Respect hierarchy levels. Relate to co-workers within the company and make themselves visible, but in a natural way and linked to the success of the work, not trying to stand out from their peers. In addition, as pink data you should know that approximately 20% of professionals who have a temporary contract ends up staying in the company. Sectors that bet more on temporary work The Contingent Employment is well transversal to all sectors, but some of those characterized by incorporating more professionals in this modality are: Retail Service companies. Technology companies. Areas of finance and accounting. Telecommunication Also, at the executive level, some of the positions likely to incorporate temporary employees during 2017 are: Project manager. Finance and accounting manager. Head of accounting / tax. Manager or area manager. Network engineer

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