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Poker is a card game, the main difference of which is that you play not in a team or a pair, but only for yourself. You do not play against the poker room, as in a casino, but against the same players, and you can fully control the course of the game. The game of poker is based on the rules and strategy. In our section you will find the rules of the most popular types of poker – Texas Hold’em and Omaha.

Learning to play poker is easy and you can improve throughout your life. Every day we offer our readers the latest training articles that will help you on this pleasant journey. The number of players can vary from two (heads-up), to ten – in tournaments and cash games (cash games). Online poker is an opportunity to play, without leaving home, in a comfortable home environment. You can play and learn at the same time completely free of charge, in any of the largest poker rooms. On the website of 389Poker, you can find detailed reviews of the best poker rooms. Take advantage of the great opportunity to start playing poker today, as well as bonuses for new players from 389Poker.

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