Six Heart Virtues Grid Meditation

Within the first year, normally towards its end, the practitioner of living from the heart becomes increasingly aware of a system or framework that they are operating within that could be likened to an energy grid that surrounds them. It would be similar to visualizing the grid, represented on the next page, and operating in the middle circle, which is the symbolic position of divine love, the intersection of the six heart virtues. Operating from within this grid is a form of meditation, but not as we normally think of meditation: the internal state of relaxed awareness. This is more of an external state of active awareness and expression, but one that stems from the stability of living in the "center circle" of divine love, knowing that you are surrounded with the skills of the when-which-how practice. This practice enables you to rise from your center in any direction in order to infuse an encounter with the appropriate emotional energy. This is healing, rebalancing, and re-vitalizing energy from your heart to share itself with any circumstance or human condition. This is an active meditation that is practiced throughout the day and requires a degree of visualization as you move from encounter to encounter. The visualization you can hold in your imagination is that the six heart virtues grid surrounds you like an energetic hologram, extending out 3-5 meters in all directions from your body. As you practice this visualization, you will in time begin to see it as an extension of your energetic body, not a separate imagined grid, but the actual structure of your energetic body. This replaces the persistent abstraction of the chakra system of colors, frequencies, and traits associated therein. The critical factor is that you envision the centermost part of your being enmeshed in divine love. It is as if your beingness, regardless of where you are physically in the world or what you are encountering, is saturated in divine love and masterfully connected to the six heart virtues and their 63 variations. This energetic grid, anchored in divine love, is capable of mobilizing in an instant, assembling its expression of the six heart virtues with ever-increasing virtuosity. The six heart virtues grid meditation is a means to anchor the framework into your daily life. It is a way for you to seat the principles into your behaviors through the imaginative process of your mind and the belief constitution of your heart working together in alignment to the formative intent of living from the heart.