My body is leaking information words overflowing from my brain slipping out silently between the sounds of our conversations

flowing neatly, swiftly, through the tip of my finger as I scroll on the phone falling begrudgingly into my morning coffee, plop, plop, plop to be swallowed back down again

they are littering the floor piling up on the stairs they are churning churning in my head and twisting up in my hair

I want to gather them up

I want to pour them into the cracks of the world letting them grow thicker and thicker until they pry apart reality and reveal what is underneath

I want to pour them onto the page and watch them arrange themselves into a truth

I want to gather them up into the shape of me so I can show you and say, “see? see? now do you see?”

but they slip through my fingers as I walk down the hall they slide down the drain while I cut my hair over the bathroom sink they get lost in the piles of dirty laundry that do not care about me

and so I leave them, silently