Why am I anonymous?

Fear, It's all about fear. I stay anonymous because I fear that if something I make turns into a mistake, it will ruin my prestige. I am anonymous because I can't face the world which points my mistakes on me and make me feel bad.


We have to own our mistakes, I learnt this really late and even now, I don't want to reveal my identity because someone might judge me for this. I don't wanna be a loser, I wanna be a leader. A leader who embraces the life of others, encourage others to do things that are new, energetic. The greatest wealth a man can have is accountability. Own your mistakes, try to balance them with more good. We do a lot of mistakes every day and we never share them with others because we think we lose prestige. The reality is they are short term. When we write a new post, we make a lot of mistakes. We rewrite the post as many times as possible to polish it. The same technique applies to life. It's a draft with tons of mistakes and we have to polish it by removing the mistakes and balancing them with equal good. In life, everything comes with compound interest: wealth, relationships, network. The best one thing we have to do is to keep hammering it with our best efforts.