Mardy's Poetry

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yo fuck bill gates .

im fuckin mad im so livid cant live like this nah this shit is whack what else i gotta say nothin makin sense anyways homies sufferin every FUCKIN day what the FUCK else i gotta say how do we change this how to we erase this START OVER NEW GAME nah nah nah I mean leaveeee this lets fucking take off somewhere the sun'll never see somewhere these guy's'll never be fuck em i wanna see free.

hehe lol influencer city it's so easy to make money from home just put in 87 hours of work a day and you'll get rich quick

spending hours on the pc trynna find a job 4 me there's nothin. bowin and prayin slavin and cryin and dyin thats what i do in a day

good morning

a thin veil of Mary flows throughout my room she dances and sways

the sun is shining i speak to the fire – so warm i bow and i pray

my body rejoices good smells and ointments i do, so love, today

(44 words – nice)


a long, white arm flecked with small little specks picture it climbing up past daisies and bees yellow painted nails soaring fast above the tree's canopies higher and higher you watch the arm climb up past the clouds did you know that arm is mine?

ho hum:

mmmm mhmm checked all my lists ate all my food drank some water now what do i do? mmmm mhmm danced a little then sank into bed prayed at my altar then repeat again. mmmm mhmm some days are drab but others are fun today seems to be a mix of each one.

check it once check it twice three more hours pass get up once get up twice three more hours pass ticking/tocking burden/weighing life is getting drab maybe i should get up and check my phone again

subtlety is not my forte i want to say the things that i want to say

eyes deeper than:

the dense soil growing under green mosses the bison's smooth fur a lion's vibrating purr mahogany branches deep sea trinkets decaying leaves my own regrets my facination with your body your eyes are as deep as they get.

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