Mardy's Poetry

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my joy

they bring me light when life is darkest

they got my back when days are hardest

they love me when i lack

they love me when i have abundance

my heart swells when the mushrooms tell

every time i cry

they got me so good all the time

they guide when i am lost

they give from deep inside their heart

they speak with channels i can't read

they love such beauty as art

they fill me with pride when they grow

they are hope


snap snap clickity – clack grab your pack so i can take you to the places i've been

tap tap clickity – clack i got your back look out for my words they speak clearly now

tack tack clickity – clack writing is a knack my words are for all of those who've ever been

good morning

a thin veil of Mary flows throughout my room she dances and sways

the sun is shining i speak to the fire – so warm i bow and i pray

my body rejoices good smells and ointments i do, so love, today

(44 words – nice)


a long, white arm flecked with small little specks picture it climbing up past daisies and bees yellow painted nails soaring fast above the tree's canopies higher and higher you watch the arm climb up past the clouds did you know that arm is mine?

the question:

where should you go when you need to escape from the ones whose blood you know?

blood borne patterns aren't ridded with ease but patience and love might just be the key.

ho hum:

mmmm mhmm checked all my lists ate all my food drank some water now what do i do? mmmm mhmm danced a little then sank into bed prayed at my altar then repeat again. mmmm mhmm some days are drab but others are fun today seems to be a mix of each one.

check it once check it twice three more hours pass get up once get up twice three more hours pass ticking/tocking burden/weighing life is getting drab maybe i should get up and check my phone again

subtlety is not my forte i want to say the things that i want to say

eyes deeper than:

the dense soil growing under green mosses the bison's smooth fur a lion's vibrating purr mahogany branches deep sea trinkets decaying leaves my own regrets my facination with your body your eyes are as deep as they get.


bold brave rash little fear big aura comforting mother pachamama enticing loving HONEST

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