Hey Listen ...

Day #1 Introductions

Ancient roads that many grass blades tore The sunlight it's only option Pave its way upward through the old blood torn cobble All to feel the rain again


Hi 👋 , my alias is Acererak ( I disliked his poetry/clue in the tomb of annihilation so I'm borrowing his name ) and I'm just a geek that forgot after years of working in tech that writing for enjoyment feel really good. So I am going to try to start again here and see what happens.

If not now then when, 2020 🔥

If you like what what I'm writing, support me on ko-fi https://ko-fi.com/acererak

You can also see moar ramblings here at https://writing.exchange/@acererak

Thanks again to #100daytooffload and too YOU for reading.