Follow one of the

        ,adPPYb,88  ,adPPYba,   ,adPPYba,  8b,dPPYba, ,adPPYba,  
       a8"    `Y88 a8"     "8a a8"     "8a 88P'   "Y8 I8[    ""  
       8b       88 8b       d8 8b       d8 88          `"Y8ba,   
       "8a,   ,d88 "8a,   ,a8" "8a,   ,a8" 88         aa    ]8I  
        `"8bbdP"Y8  `"YbbdP"'   `"YbbdP"'  88         `"YbbdP"'  

I approach the door I see in my dreams. The shifting dreams I've had for the past few nights. Sometimes its the same door, sometimes it's new. So each night, I focus and describe it in this journal The door, so that one night I can choose.

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  1. Golden doorway
  2. Sea door
  3. Sky door
  4. Lost Things door