found at the beach

I craft a lot of stories that never make the journey from my head to the outside some that ill admit I could really do without

ill tell you one story but listen.. this one I tried to hide

its about a child, playing on a beach with azure dress and lemon hair who lays on the sand

waves wash in as she glances a bone white medallion close enough to reach she doesn't hesitate she puts it to her hand this rough and warm sand dollar

for a moment nothing, than it buries itself into her palm

as corals erupt from her fingers she goes to run away when seaweed lashes from her legs into the ground she goes to scream, but sand erupts in a spray her eyes turn towards the shore she goes to move as seafoam falls down her body

Its then the water moves in

she never knew what waited to be found beneath the sand As easily as wave crush dirt her days were at an end