ipsum books pt 1

Every day I see her As I sit perched behind this register

My eyes lazily reading whatever book article, paper or really anything with writing on it

id read a guide about remotes if we had remote book guides in this bookstore but thankfully we don't

chuckling to myself

we do have, however a very very large collection of used, slightly abused books

responsibly priced and haphazardly stocked and that has made this mystery quite the juicy plot

Every day I see her, as I look out more than a child, less than an adult She moves the door in such a way The bell doesn't even ring off

I pretend that I don't see her That I don't watch as she glides through the masses of unshelved books

That I don't see her go to a very specific spot and like a bird who's feathers have been more than often plucked she finds the barren section, her section and stops

I see her stand still, fingers gliding over the few books there till I feel her choose a book then I hear the floor groan as she sits I hear the gentle turning of pages sometimes even a slight hum

I move my eyes back to my literature then wait,

sometimes it's a hour sometimes its several more but eventually i'll feel her presence lapse

a flame suddenly smothered, gone

I never see her leave, but I do notice the unsettled dust from the book she's just stolen


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