Day 37

We stay up observing snow fall together wrapped warmly in a blanket silent fairies dance to Earth prodded by hungry winds send flecks skyward

Lightning arches across the livid sky A low growl chases soon after I feel you edge yourself closer

Another ripple fulminates the window turns opaque I can see your face, turned towards me So I move mine to meet yours

The thunder shakes the house My heart leaps

At once your head is on my shoulder, watching blizzard of dancing crystals shapes manifest waves of fallen icy stars howling wind raise pillars of glass

wind and snow thunder and lightning natures unfocused uncaring presence

watching the window seeing you watch out pixies playfully dance in your eyes

Got to enjoy the first snowfall in awhile and although the show didn't occur quite as poetically. I like to think that most memories can be playfully rewrote to be a bit more exciting. Not that having kids trashing your house isn't a fun time, most days.

Sometimes for my own health its nice to take a mental voyage to a place where a moment is as easy as sitting watching the snow fall.

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