the second door

Prologue ~

I approach the door I see in my dreams. The shifting dreams I've had for the past few nights. Sometimes its the same door, sometimes it's new. So each night, I focus and describe it in this journal The door, so that one night I can choose.

The Sea Door

The air left me. Gazing at the brilliant abalone moulded door.

pink coral decorates the top of the frame.

thick seaweed wrap – fall dark gordons green tendrils swaying listless, limp reacting to something in the water

I take a step closer to investigate as little fish hastily swim schools obscured by the abalone colorful sheen

I start to move closer

A small motion, in the door stops me.

A great horizontal slit opens slowly and scans me.

The handle, which was no longer a handle starts to reach out the briny tentacle reaching towards me.

Dark violet water falling silently, reaching towards

I woke up


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