the third door

Prologue ~

I approach the door I see in my dreams. The shifting dreams I've had for the past few nights. Sometimes its the same door, sometimes it's new. So each night, I focus and describe it in this journal The door, so that one night I can choose.

The sky door

An obsidian monolith is before me Darker even against the somber room it's housed edges shimmer a glassy surface shining with a glint a hungry wolf smiling

I walk closer, not prepared to see the dark of this doorway simply

fall away ~

I could see a world, from high above

a storm cloud that looked like prairie smoke dancing with light casting dispersions on a purple field far below

a step closer

Fields of thistle colored trees wavering hard hugging coral coastline water surging, pounding cliffs with spray as golden as an egg yolk

A tempest in resin

I hadn't noticed but wind is beating my face pushing me back yet

This world beckons

another step, as I pause

A long vermilion shape, emerges far below breaking free of the thunderhead wriggling disjointed movements a hypnotic site as a dragon pulses upwards towards me

The dream ends I hear it call me


“come back”

100/100 🌟

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