What are the advantages of commercial health insurance?

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What are the advantages of trade medical insurance compared to social medical insurance?

1、Ratio of reimbursement

The social medical 醫療保險 insurance everyone can participate in, but the guarantee is exceptionally basic, it can only reimburse part of the medical expenses, but also need to bear part of my proportion. If the medical costs are very high, then we bear a high percentage. If there is a commercial medical insurance, it can be a good supplement to this part of the shortage.

2、The scope of reimbursement

Some of the high cost items that are not covered by social medical insurance are not affordable to the people who visit the doctor.

3、Reimbursement standard

The starting payment standard for hospitalization in different levels of hospitals is also different. The cost below the starting payment standard has to be paid by the individual, and the part above the starting payment standard can only be reimbursed proportionally by the medical insurance center.

The actual fact is that trade medical insurance is used to make up for the gap in social medical insurance.

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