Freedom (to make mistakes)

As certain speech is outlawed, certain thoughts follow, and slowly but surely we make our way towards Thought-Crime becoming an accepted social standard. If we aren't free to explore or to engage certain ideologies directly, especially for the sake of disputing them, we risk allowing their logical premises leaking out into wider society under new names.

People with divisive beliefs often interpret people's emotional reactions to their claims as some kind of proof that they must be true, yet too powerful for other people to handle hearing. When simple discussion with them is outlawed and seen as some kind of support or advocacy, what we do in its place can inadvertently strengthen those beliefs within the believer. If nothing else, this only makes it more difficult for the believer to learn their way out.

It also leaves others ill-equipped to handle confrontations with these people, as they lack the insight necessary to engage it. They won’t be ready for the positions and arguments that will be thrown at them if that’s the case, and they definitely won’t know what to do if they start emulating this logic in their own minds.

When I held certain beliefs, it was always preferable for my ego to have people frantically and emotionally lashing out against me rather than reasonably disagreeing with me. In fact, it was also more preferable for them to lash out than it was even for them to agree with me.

Some things, we have to go through in order to be able to gain the insight necessary to overcome. If we create this world where people aren't allowed to explore certain trains of thought and will be forever slapped with the one time they were guilty of WrongThink, we take away a great deal of the freedom that enables people to explore, to understand, to grow and to change. With that also comes a huge reduction in the chances of them bridging their personal and cultural differences.

Beyond that, this is yet another classic example of ostracising those who step out of the norm; the metaphorical sheep who now keep each other in line through social shaming and casting people out.

My concern with this is that humanity is, once again, falling into the divisionary traps of those who seek to keep us divided so that they can remain to appear relevant.

If I hadn't gone so deep down the rabbit holes of the beliefs I used to hold, I wouldn't be as effective at communicating with people who hold those beliefs now. If I hadn't made the mistakes and the errors of my past and acknowledged them as I have fortunately been able to, I might be doomed to repeat them for the rest of my life, as can be seen across humanity and all throughout time.

“It was a mistake” is not an excuse; it's a reason, but if people are not allowed to go through these things, we don't know what kind of future wisdom we might be sacrificing.

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