I read The Love Bunglers a few days ago, by Jaime Hernandez, previously serialised in Love and Rockets like most Los Bros Hernandez stories. It’s a beautiful hardback, with a great debossed cover and quality paper.

It’s also one of the very best of the Hernandez stories. It centres on Maggie and her ex Ray (the titular love bunglers) and it portrays their story with the richness and depth it deserves, with vignettes and scenes accumulated over the decades, told non-linearly, reflecting the way love is usually experienced in life.

I think my favourite thing about it is how the choice of scenes almost seems arbitrary at first – entirely slice-of-life – but going towards the end, it gathers the momentum of a singular story, while never losing its acknowledgement of all of its characters’ humanness, and not just that of its principals.

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