Why I'm Writing This Blog

I'm writing this blog for several reasons...

Uncover thought patterns

Finding stuff is a messy business. First, you tear your house apart to find what you've lost. Then, you've got to put it back together again.

This blog is going to be like that. Like a first grader dumping their backpack in the middle of the living room so they can find their favorite penny.

I'm going to ramble, rant, and muse about almost anything that comes to my mind so I can identify patterns, connections, and insights that are woven throughout my mental meanderings.

Make sense of my feelings and reactions to events and topics

I'm also going to use this blog as a sense-making tool for my feelings and reactions to events in the world. Similar to how some people think out loud, I think best on paper.

Build discipline and bravery as a writer

Writing consistently takes discipline. I can't slouch my way to a well-stocked blog. I must write constantly. Every day.

This blog will also help me develop the bravery and confidence to express my opinions and thoughts. This will be especially difficult since I tend to delay publishing until I've achieved perfection. Perhaps this is because I've never written for myself, but always for others (as a ghostwriter).

My schedule is quite busy. But I've realized that “I'm too busy” is an excuse that's available to everyone, but never used by successful people.

Create money-making and networking opportunities

I loathe the popular notion of a personal brand. Still, I realize the benefit of sharing your ideas with others online.

By writing regularly on my blog, I will build my personal online reputation and also create opportunities to make money and connect with others.

Getting feedback from someone less critical than myself

I am my own worst critic. No, really. I obsess over an idea, then trash it days later because I find a logical flaw in it or get distracted by another idea.

It's dangerous for me to constantly create and destroy my work without ever “testing” it by releasing it to the public.

These are my initial reasons for starting this blog.

Until Next Time,