The 5 Marketing Languages


If you've ever read “The 5 Love Languages”, you know that it's easy to make fumbles in how we relate to others.

In the book, author Gary Chapman writes that we all prefer to show our love in one of five ways:

  1. Words of affirmation, like praise or compliments on a big achievement.
  2. Acts of service like paying for someone's lunch.
  3. Quality time, which means you're there with them. Not just bodily, but mentally as well.
  4. Giving gifts like a new car or new phone to someone you love.
  5. Physical touch, including both sexual and non-sexual touches like holding hands.

Not “speaking” to someone in their preferred language can lead to disconnection and dissatisfaction in any relationship, whether it's a marriage or a father trying to connect with his son.

As Chapman points out, how we express our love reveals how we want others to love us.

If I buy gifts to show my appreciation, I most likely expect to receive gifts from those who truly appreciate me.

Now, let's switch over to marketing...

Since I work so much in marketing, I naturally thought about how the idea of “love languages” could apply to a company's content marketing efforts.

That's when I realized...

Everyone has a “language” that they speak when it comes to content marketing.

Some people prefer to “talk” with you through a blog article.

Others crave a video or a podcast.

Personally, I prefer to read articles rather than listen to a podcast or watch a video.

Listening to podcasts or watching a video would steal valuable focus time that I could otherwise spend on research, writing, or editing.

But that's my preferred content marketing language.

Do you want your customers to love you?

Talk to them in their language.

Here are some popular languages in content marketing:

If you don't know their preferred language, go for all five types: audio, written, graphics, video, and live interactions.

Measure what they like, then do more of that.

That's how you get customers to love you.