The OpenBSD BASED Challenge!

by Root BSD

OpenBSD Based Challenge

In the spirit of New Year's resolutions and the popular “Linus Tech Tips: Linux Gaming Challenge” on YouTube, I have decided to take on the OpenBSD BASED challenge!

Start January 1st 2022, for 30 days I will only use OpenBSD 7.0 -current + links + toot on both my desktop PC and Thinkpad T420. I will daily journal my learning experience and upload my adventures to this blog via my Pinephone.

I will only use my Pinephone for uploading blog entries to this site and calls/texts for family or emergencies.

My window manager will be base cwm(1) (the calm window manager), the terminal will be xterm. xsetroot(1) will be used background color. links+ and toot (cli mastodon client) will be the only 3rd party packages installed.

This is meant to be an educational experience, to get me more in tuned with OpenBSD's base utilities and man pages. I will attempt to screencast using X11 native tools, we'll see how that goes.

At the end of 30 days I will release a video on my YouTube channel, Root BSD, detailing the adventure and highlighting what I learned.

Looking forward to the adventure!