perpetually folding onto itself

flat chaotic spheric chaotic flat (again)

this piece was composed in 2017. the visuals were realized a few days ago, in the beginning of january 2019.

the piece is inspired by the idea of eternal return as explored in the opening chapters of the novel “the unbearable lightness of being”, by milan kundera. i must admit i haven't read the book in a while now, so i can't really explain my original intentions with the same eloquence as in the past.

that being said...

the nature of time has always, and probably will always, be one of the strangest ideas that i often think about. i fundamentally don't understand it and i am not satisfied or comfortable with any definition of it. i probably never will, which is good, i guess.

i don't remember exactly where, but i remember watching someone explain art mediums evolving as a result of evolutionary necessities. this person argued that the human necessity to keep track of time, through a very very long evolutionary process, eventually resulted in what we know as music. given its long evolutionary process from a time-keeping mechanism to an incredibly sophisticated art form, it seems like a stretch to connect a utilitarian process with an aesthetic experience. still, i think it is undeniable to admit that to experience music is to experience time. music allows us to experience processes as a function of time – which again, begs the question: what is time?

i think that one of the reasons i feel so drawn to music (and other temporal art forms too, i guess) is because of the constant interrogations it makes to the notion of time. i also believe this is why certain forms of music (particularly pattern driven music, ranging from Steve Reich, to Dawn of Midi, to Fela Kuti) are particularly stimulating to me. rhythm is fascinating not only because it makes us move, but it bends something we can't really control otherwise: time. rhythm is powerful because it bends the unstoppable arrow of time that keeps pushing us forward, forever. rhythm is how we push back, in a playful and joyful way, as the point isn't to stop time, but rather to become intertwined with it in a way that regular experience won't allow. rhythm is humankind surfing on the wave of time.

it feels a bit weird that i'm talking about rhythm in a seemingly completely arrhythmic piece of music. however – isn't the evolution of a timbre in time a rhythm in of itself? rhythm is more than creating patterns built with sounds that resemble drums. there are patterns that have longer temporal envelopes, and they play with the idea of temporality in a whole different way. this is kind of the idea i was playing with in the case of this composition.

a lot of the sounds in this piece come from “frozen” sounds – iterative repetitions of a sound in a particular moment in time. this leads to the question – what does atemporality in music say about temporality in life? does that even make any sense?

on the visual side, i wanted to address the idea of eternal return as a recursive process between multiple states – a plane, a sphere, and the chaos that is created through transitionary periods. the plane is never the same when it returns, as it reappears enlarged. i find myself being somewhat hypnotized by this process when i think about what this simple process of change and evolution means. it is very simple.