Best Bed Frames on Amazon

Amazon market place offers the broadest range of products designed to support the mattress and sleepers. Some bed frames are designed to help mattress bases while others are made of metal slats; hence can only accommodate only the bed. Most bed frames sold on Amazon are a combination of both wood and metal, while others are upholstered with foams or fabrics.

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If you are looking for a bed frame, you will get a platform bed or metal foundation made to get your box spring or mattress off the floor. Most customers visiting Amazon consider price as the most significant determinant when choosing which bed frame to take home. The online platform has everyone covered; you will find bed frames ranging from the lowest to the highest price. That said, Amazon offers the prices for bed frames compared to traditional stores. Customers shopping on Amazon mention fast shipping experience and a wide range of products to choose from as the two stands out factors.

Amazon Bed Frame Brands

As mentioned earlier, Amazon has a wide range of options available for you in the market. When you look closely at the most popular bed frame designs n Amazon, you will find that they are affordable, simple in design, and are budget-friendly. Even though the market has a selection of high-end bed frames, their sales are not as many as affordable bed frames. Also, the range of high-end bed frames on Amazon is low. If you are looking for a high-end bed frame, I would instead visit a traditional retailer store.

An essential factor to consider before ordering a product on Amazon is shipping time. For your convenience, ensure the shipping time suits your plan. Say, for example, you are planning to move into a new house in a month, ordering a bed frame that will arrive in two or three months does not make sense. Unless, however, you make your owner early enough to suit your plan. Below is a list of options that get the best ratings from customers.

1. Zinus Bedframes

First on the list is the Zinus Bed Frames, which does not come as a surprise considering the reputation of this company on furniture-related products. Zinus is known to have both affordable bed frames and mattresses. They have bed frames in upholstered, metal, and various veneered wood options. Here you will also find simple bed frames made from both wood or metal. Some of the most popular Zinus bed frames include 9-leg Bed Frame, 14'' Metal Platform Bed Frame, and Hercules Heavy Duty Platform Metal Frame. Customers mention price and simple to assemble as the biggest reason why they love Zinus bed frame options. However, we found issues such as squeakiness and durability popping out.

2. Olee Sleep's Bed Frames

The next on the list of the most popular bedframes on Amazon is Olee Sleep's Bed Frames. The company offers some of the most affordable bed designs in the market. Some of Olee There are two stands out brands on Amazon that have made the most sales over the years. They include 18'' Tall Heavy-Duty Steel Slat Bed Frame and 14'' Heavy Duty Steel Slat Bed Frame. Both brands come with storage space as well as adequate space beneath the bed where you can store some of your staff. Both have an all-metal design with sturdy slats to support the mattress. On average Olee, Sleep product has good ratings from customers except that some have issues with assembling and durability. Read more

3. Classic Brands Bed Frames

Classic Brand Bed Frames is no surprise that it tops Amazon's sales owing to its rate of discounts. The furniture manufacturing company offers to offer both upholstered and metal frames. If you look keenly at their bed frames, they share many similarities with Zinus products. Most customers go for their products because of their affordability. Looking at their sales, Classic Brands Bed Frames made most purchases on their upholstered brands, mostly Mornington Upholstered platform bed. While price came top as to why customers prefer these brands, some issues that came up concerning their products include durability for some brands.

4. DHP Bed Frames

Another famous bed frame brand on Amazon is DHP Bed Frames. The company is renowned for making upholstered brands of bed frames. Also, most of their products offer storage space on in-built drawers or beneath the bed. DHP bed frames are affordable, and their most famous brand is DHP Rose Upholstered Bed. The brand offers customers an upholstered bed with multiple fabric color choices. Most customers who buy bed frames from DHP Bed Frames mention price and upholstered nature as two factors that pushed them into purchasing the bed. Most customers who have used their products, however, have an issue with the slats of DHP Bed Frames. They are said to break down easily under pressure, which might not be a good thing for heavy sleepers.

5. AmazonBasics Bed Frames

Lastly, on the list of the preferable bed frames found on Amazon is AmazonBasics Bed Frames. The company mostly offers metal bed frames designed to support a mattress of a box spring. Some of the most popular bed frame options associated with AmazonBasics Bed Frames are the Foldable Metal Platform Bed and 9-Leg Support Metal Frame. Most customers prefer AmazonBasics Bed Frames for their affordability. Two issues that came up with bed frames associated with this company are poor designs and noise during sleep.


Amazon presents one of the best online marketplaces in the world. Customers are spoilt for choice when it comes to quality, designs, or brands to choose from. Whether you have a limited or a huge budget to spend on a bed frame, Amazon has something for you. While listing the above brands, we have considered the overall score of customer satisfaction, material quality, designs, price, and ease of assembling. When buying a bed frame, go for those with a warranty to avoid disappointments in the future. The best companies will give a warranty ranging from 5-10 years, depending on the full size platform bed frame you are purchasing.