I Don't Know What to Write Today (Ramblings)

Isn't writer's block a weird concept? If someone asked me a question in person right now, I'm sure I could answer it. But when I'm the one asking myself questions, I somehow can't answer them?

I don't understand writer's block. Am I too tired to write? Am I intimidated? Am I too scared of what you would think about my writing to write? Maybe... This is a wild idea... Maybe writer's block is just super normalized so we feel more comfortable with the idea that we “can't” write than, say, the idea that we “can't” talk (which also happens!). I have no clue. Maybe there's research on this?

The problem with using research to guide our lives is that it's almost always tailored to populations. When I was younger, I used to wish that I could get a team of people to plan, manage, and run A/B tests on me so that I can live life the best way. Unfortunately, having only one study subject makes testing difficult. Maybe I could build some sort of app where volunteers offer ridiculous amounts of data about their lives, some sort of machine learning algorithm makes recommendations for new practices that they can try to improve some facet of their lives, and then (possibly with some remote human intervention) an A/B test is ran to determine how successful that change is. There would be some privacy concerns, but it just needs a really good privacy policy that basically commits to not sharing any data with anyone without explicit consent.

Anyway, that was a tangent. A tangent is much preferable to a day with no writing. See you tomorrow.