Question 2: Would you like to be famous? In what way?

I care more about being liked than I let on, more than I even admit to myself. Sometimes I feel like I'm performing this personality because it's the adaptation that won the popular vote after years of acting out relative failures. As if affection is transactional and I can only acquire it after putting on a show.

A) I don't want to be famous. My instinct for self-preservation tells me I should be averse to it. I hate the idea of a spotlight landing on my faults, exposing me.

B) I would like to be famous. I like how fame could mean having the affection of a big group. I want to be liked strongly enough that people would be willing to take on my mean streaks, hypocrisy, long silences — and still choose to stay.

C) If I'm going to achieve celebrity-fame for anything, I want it to be a result of having mastered something and earning respect for it.