Showing up

First zine collection

After two years of saying I'd go, I finally went. BLTX was a lot more crowded than I thought it would be. The zine fair was held at Sikat Inc. along Tomas Morato on a cool Saturday evening.

That same Saturday I was on the second day of my period, fatigued from an overnight Christmas party, and scared shitless of going out. The recent wave of kidnapping stories has had me clutching a pepper spray like a rosary. I almost want to run screaming back to the Catholic church for divine protection.

But yes, I dragged my terrified, painkiller-laced ass to Quezon City. I ended up cashing out of an ATM twice (it was conveniently across the street from the event space) and my fatigue definitely got worse the next day.

from You Wish by Chingbee Cruz

From “You Wish” by Conchitina Cruz

It wasn't all because of FOMO. What happened last Saturday was a trade-off. Showing up at the event had higher value so I gave up the relative safety of staying indoors. As Thomas Sowell put it, “There are no solutions, only trade-offs.”

I've been swiping my “next time” card as if I wouldn't have to pay for it with my life. Something's gotta give. I want to keep being human.

from Soundless Crying by Electromilk

From “Soundless Crying” by Electromilk