Wow, I haven't written anything here yet this year

So far I've been to two weddings, one for each month, I puked my guts out at a bridal-shower-slash-drag-show, and I almost moved into a different unit in my apartment building because of termites. My sink is on the brink of collapse. In January, the Taal volcano erupted; in February, the first COVID-19 death outside China was reported in the Philippines. In between, I permanently deleted my Facebook account and finished On Chesil Beach and Bungou Stray Dogs. I'm halfway through Nation, Self and Citizenship by Randy David. Speaking of nation, Duterte and his cronies are still vicious and incompetent. Next month, I'm flying to Malaysia to visit friends. Dad's birthday is coming up too.

We're all exhausted, right? With all this carrying on amid the atrocities?

Thank god for those weddings — they're like lamp posts in all this dark matter. I barely find my way around anymore, save for the immovable events in my life.

It's about time I reconsider where I'm going again.