Departmental Store at Finger Tips: How to Go Online

This is an era of digitization when everything is bought and sold online. But is it possible to open a Departmental store, aka Kirana shops online in India?

The answer is big, yes!

Especially when the entire Indian junta is facing the pandemic crisis, an online Kirana shop would be of huge demand.

But why and how to open an online Departmental store? Let's just try to answer these questions

Why Online Kirana Shop

The very first point before going online with your idea of an online Departmental store is, why do you need it?

Starting with an online Departmental store can be a business boon.

● This pandemic situation has forced people not to step out of their houses unnecessarily. Online Kirana Shops are therefore in demand. ● Many people find it difficult to spare time out of their busy schedules to roam around in your shop and look for stuff. ● A systematic list of product availability and nonavailability on an online platform would save the time of both the seller and customer ● An easy, clutter-free, on the fly record management ● Money and time saving

Going online with your Kirana store is definitely going to prove fruitful to you in the long run.

How to Start an Online Departmental Store in India

An online kirana store is a good idea to boost your business and a trendy option.

But how to start with an online business?

Just go through the following points to take your kirana shop to the clouds

● Registration: Online business guidelines might be similar to the regular ones, but still go through the guidelines and focus on the crucial points to start a business online.

Then obviously, one needs to get the online store registered. It is required and necessary to follow all the legal aspects of an online business

● Tools: Going online simply means arranging your Kirana catalogue on your computer or mobile. But how? ○ Make a website for your Kirana Shop. ○ Add important sections and subsections. Just like the partitions in a regular shop, define categories on the website as well. ○ Create a user-friendly mobile application.

● Organizing: If you are done with the website and mobile application, now organize your stuff there. Organizing products under different categories is like putting stuff on different shelves of a particular section of the store.

● Payment Gateways: provide easy payment options to your customers. But make sure to read out everything in detail before joining hand with any of the payment gateway providers.

● Return and refund Guidelines: Since a kirana shop deals with many perishable items as well, make sure to clearly decide about return options for such items.

Come up with an entire set of rules and regulations about return, exchange or refund options to avoid any trouble later.

● Market: Decide and get a licence to deliver stuff at different locations.

● Advertise: Promoting your Kirana store is equally important to let people know about the online shop. Advertise on social media platforms about it

● Discount and Offers: Offer discounts and offers from time to time to allure your customers.

Opening an online kirana store is all about e-commerce and organizing and maintaining the stuff on your website and mobile application. Rest assured, it is a fairly easy and convenient task.