What Is Amazon Product Infographics?

Amazon product infographic are visual representations of information about a product that is used to help customers understand the features and benefits of the product. They are typically created by Amazon sellers to showcase their products in a more engaging and informative way.

These infographic are displayed on the product detail page of an Amazon listing, and they can include a variety of elements such as images, diagrams, charts, and text. They are designed to provide a clear and concise overview of the product’s features, benefits, and specifications, and to help customers make an informed purchasing decision.

Infographic are an effective way to enhance the visual appeal of a product and differentiate it from similar products on the platform. They can also help improve the product’s visibility on Amazon by increasing its click-through rate and conversion rate.

How To Make Amazon Product Infographic Images?

To create Amazon product infographic, follow these steps:

Identify the key features and benefits of your product: We think about the features and benefits that make your product unique and compelling. These are the elements that we will highlight in your infographic.

Determine the layout and design: We decide on the layout and design of your infographic. Consider using a simple and clean design that is easy to read and understand. We use Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop to create your infographic images.

Select high-quality images: We choose high-quality images that showcase your product and its features. We ensure that the images are clear and high-resolution. We may can use product photos, lifestyle photos, or illustrations.

Include text and icons: We use clear and concise text to describe the features and benefits of your product. We use icons to visually represent information like measurements, dimensions, and material types.

Follow Amazon's guidelines: We ensure that your infographic adheres to Amazon's guidelines. These guidelines include restrictions on the use of certain types of images, font sizes, and image resolutions.

Upload your infographic images: Once we have created your infographic images, we will deliver the final images in HD-quality format. You can upload them to your Amazon product listing. You can do this through the “Images” section of your Amazon Seller Central account.

Remember: The goal of your Amazon product infographic is to showcase the features and benefits of your product in a visually engaging and informative way. By following these steps, we can create an effective infographic that helps drive sales and conversions on Amazon.