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India, a country with diverse customs, religions, traditions, etc., with colorful events and festivals celebrated throughout the year, is why visitors from around the globe consider exploring the country in their bucket lists. Of course, the country plays a significant role in bringing a unique addition to the global culture with its discoveries in Mathematics, life, Spirituality, sports, etc. Moreover, it takes pride in saying that India is the largest democratic nation globally and the 7th largest country in the world with bundles of histories and stories of a most ancient civilization.

With many cities that still portray the historical hints, Hyderabad is an ideal one. Hyderabad is one of the large cities in South India with a specialty in many aspects. In this blog, we will be sharing all you need to know about Hyderabad and how it is exceptional compared to any other city in the world. People in Hyderabad speak Telugu and Urdu majorly, and people living here are generally referred to as Hyderabadis.

We have come across various nicknames given to the city like “City of Pearls,” “World capital for Biryani,” “HITECH City,” etc. Hyderabad is located in Telangana, which offers you a rich culture and exposure to varied fields for an individual's growth and development. It is also Telangana's largest populous city with frequent relocation of individuals around the country. It is a paradise for people looking for scope in the IT and commercial sectors as it caters to their interests. The city is located on Musi's river banks precisely in the Deccan Plateau's heart, offering moderate climatic conditions that are generally warm to hot to monsoonal.

Hyderabad is indeed one of the national heritages with its comprehensive and unbiased history that introduced many concepts and not forget the Biryani that the whole world is fond of! Speaking of its history is always a bliss. Hyderabad was developed by Quṭb Shāhī sultans of Golconda, who were second to that of the Mughal emperors in India back then. The beauty and vibrancy last only until Mughals conquered the land; Their power ruined the heritage and monuments for which Hyderabad was renowned at that time; however, post that, after the intervention of European power, things were calm under reconstruction and renovation of the city.

In this 19th century, Āṣaf Jāhīs voluntarily rebuilt and molded the city at a stretch in the north towards the Musi River. Back then and even Today, under the Nizams, Muslims and Hindus coexisted happily without any discrimination; however, after independence, there was violence among both the communities that gauged the Indian Government's attention that led to a military operation to conclude over 40000 deaths.

The same became a serious issue that was sorted later. Today, the city consists of a beautiful and undying blend of Hindus and Muslims portraying as an epitome of brotherhood. In the 1950s, after the protractive negotiations discussions and suggestions by well-experienced professionals, Hyderabad was made as the capital city of Andhra Pradesh until it built its own capital.

In the 21st century, Hyderabad is developed of such that it houses the interest of all age groups with various fields, opportunities and scope to motivate and inspire youth to stand as global leaders. Tourism has an upper hand here and also not to forget the culinary heritage as mentioned before! The hidden treasures, stories, historic monuments, you have it all here! It surely drives you to the pathway where wanderers could experience the true wanderlust from unknown infamous monuments to the best delicacies and one of a kind cuisines across the city.

Below are a few Tourism attractions in Hyderabad; a) Charminar and lad Bazaar b) Chowmahalla Palace c) Hussain Sagar Lake d) Paigah Tombs e) Golconda Fort f) And not to forget the Ramoji Film City

Properties for sale in Hyderabad

Coming the other factors, Hyderabad has a hub for commercial, domestic and international centers and IT providing services worldwide. It is known for its massive production of pharmaceuticals, textiles and cigarettes. Thus, all these above-mentioned factors contribute a lion's share to the city's economy. The administration and Municipal corporation of Hyderabad is one reason why the city is termed among the top clean cities in India.

Coming to the city's demographics, Hyderabad is surrounded by well-developed regions like Secundarabad, Raichur, Gulbarga, Amber pet, Kukatpally, etc. Transportation facilities for inter-state and outskirts is excellent as well as reliable. Accumulating all these aspects the city still lags behind in terms of population and traffic jams that leads to the prolonged slow movement of vehicles in the city especially the central zone. Clearly, the city is a blessing in disguise to those who look for a Indo-sarcenic architecture with a blend of modernisation.

In terms of education, the infrastructure is designed to offer a great treat to the youngsters desiring to meet the global standards or move abroad. With respect to the same, the city offers an array of opportunities to the job seekers with its plethora of companies, Tech Parks, and never-ending industrialization. The city has gained a lot of fame in terms of pharmaceuticals for which it consists of various pharmaceutical companies and hubs for the manufacturing of the same.

Over a period of time, Hyderabad is witnessing a huge toll on its Realty Markets with high dependency on property investment and management. As the city carries aesthetics of old traditional architecture and modern facilities, the demand for such iconic venture is always something Realtors look forward to. With the government support and availability of cheap and better materials at low cost, the city offers a favourable atmosphere to the investors. Areas named Hi tech City, Kondapur, Manikonda, Miyapur and Gachibowli, etc. are a few of the top localities that are claimed as the best areas in Hyderabad surrounded with great social infrastructure, connectivity, transportation and neighborhood.

Properties for sale in Hyderabad

Lastly, Hyderabad has the 5th largest urban economy in India! With such vibrancy, opportunities, growth and speciality, it surely has your heart, isn't it? If you are planning to reside here, then I would suggest you go for it!