My motive, the bug and democracy in distress

Anger. Raw and bitter anger. That's what brought me here. Or at least what is left of it now. It is usually not the first feeling that you have when things go wrong, but it is often the most intense one, the one that wakes you up, the kick starter. Anger is misunderstood and frowned upon in our civilised society although it can be such a useful emotion for the individual since it goes hand to hand with our basic survival instincts . Maybe that's why. It is not a 'social' emotion and therefore potentially dangerous and not socially accepted, hence bad. I am not going to explain my personal reasons behind this unfairly treated emotion. Not today at least. It is more important to look outside at this strange point in our lives. Not because of the virus itself and its lethality, not even because of the psychological impact on our lives. Yes, sure, these are very important matters, but what I am more concerned about is something else, more subtle initially but I think it has started now to show its true colours. It seems that sometimes we can be so self absorbed that it is painful to look outside. The limitations of the human mind? I am talking about the hit on democracy. Intentional or unintentional, it doesn't really matter. Democracy is in grave danger and dramatically wasting away day after day. It is not that it was ever whole, or as it should be ideally, but it is for sure shrivelling further over the past year or so. For people that have experienced the unpleasantness of a coup d'etat or a dictatorship, this doesn't feel much different. It is actually worse. Imposed curfews after 6 in some countries, prohibition of basic social interactions, excessive police presence, isolation and thus lack of dialogue, fear amplified by the lack of human interaction and exchange of sane ideas. The threat is real but the fear of the bug feels exaggerated, its consequences overrated. The measures taken seem excessive at times. Slogans and headlines seem to be universal, although in different languages across the media: 'The new normal', 'It is here to stay' and other as such. We have passively accepted all these, numb from being too self-conscious and anxious. Isn't it bizarre that governments, although they seem to care an awful lot about our health when imposing measures that restrict our personal freedoms, don't seem to care that much about it when failing to make the vaccines, the one and only true solution to our problem according to them, immediately available to everyone? Is this a reasonable time for protecting patents and big pharma profit? We have gone way beyond what had so far been accepted as normal when it comes to pretty much anything else but we find it a grotesque idea to expect the WHO and our governments to help free a patent or two? Shouldn't we in the light of a global emergency situation perhaps overlook the intellectual property rights and free the vaccines patents in order to achieve a mass production that will make them available to everyone sooner rather than later? These companies, like AstraZeneca and Pfizer received billions of dollars from the US via the operation Warp Speed and other governments to help develop the vaccines. Shouldn't they at least pretend they care by giving a little bit of the love back? Isn't the estimated $13 billion dollar profit from the Pfizer vaccine enough of a motive? Where do we draw the line when it comes to corporate greed against human lives ? Why should we accept the prolongation of this unnatural situation in order to help increase company profit? We couldn't have given up our rights of personal freedom and intimacy faster or more willingly. It feels that we were initially caught off guard and it was probably what was the right thing to do at the time, however it's been a while now since the pandemic started and fortunately or unfortunately we had plenty of time to think. It is only fair for us to expect that the power of the state will be used benevolently to impose rules and regulations on the corporate world as well as the individuals, especially when indicated by a state of global health emergency such as the one we are currently experiencing. TNT