Published: “Half Larva, Will Travel”

Heathrow airport buzzed with the energy of a hive. Swarms of travellers wandered its maze-like confines—dazed, nervous, and under-slept. There, one could see the full gamut of humanity on display—the check-in agent doing her best and the beast drunk on rage and 8 AM beers, shouting abuse at her. There, in between couples torn apart, lost souls, and anxious drug mules, walked Ryan.

Ryan towed a three-wheeled suitcase behind him, its missing wheel having popped off as he was boarding the train from London. He was on his way to a Las Vegas stag do—something he considered ill-advised. He had seventeen missed calls and sixty-two messages from the rest of his party, ignored due to an accidental Do Not Disturb setting.

His flight had departed an hour ago.

Freshly published in Scare Street's Night Terrors #12 comes “Half Larva, Will Travel”. It's a comedy horror piece about sharing a confined airplane cabin with god-knows-what kind of strangeness. It was written during much simpler times.

You can buy a copy of the anthology here.